Nurturing Creativity

Safe & Secure

Creativity develops when children are in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Our My Kindy Community encourages educators and children to challenge their thinking, take risks and make mistakes in a supportive environment. Our educators foster a culture of empowerment and innovation where critical thinking and exploration are everyday practice. At My Kindy we create opportunities for children to express thoughts, ideas, solve problems, whilst exploring diverse way of knowing, thinking and learning. Our learning environments help children focus on learning from meaningful experiences by using a ‘hands on’ approach. This ‘can do’ attitude and approach to learning develops a community of learners who innovate, value originality and use their imagination in every aspect of their lives.

Learning Your Child Loves

Growth Essentials

We ensure young learners are given the best opportunity to grow uncovering talent for life and career goals.

Creating Curiosity

By creating a fun learning environment we bring out each child's inner curiosities and inquisitiveness nature.

S.T.E.A.M Curriculum

We provide an active learning environment, where each child’s individuality is respected, valued and fostered.

Inspiring & Nurturing Young Minds.
Varsity Lakes

Director: Sonya Sturgess
2 South Bay Drive,
Varsity Lakes Qld 4227


Director: Natasha Poi
78 Imperial Parade,
Labrador Qld 4215

Runaway Bay

Director: Jaime Ferguson
336 Oxley Drive
Runaway Bay Qld 4216