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My Kindy early learning centres provide an innovative and holistic education, with a care program that will inspire and nurture young hearts and minds.


Play is the Way

When trying to build a strong foundation for learning it is important to start from the moment a child enters this world. My Kindy sets the stage for later learning and wellbeing by providing children with opportunities to explore their natural curiosity about the world they live in and be active participants in their own learning. Play is the Way! Play enables children to engage in hands on experiential learning. Through play children engage in critical thinking, hypothesizing and problem solving. My Kindy provides inspiring and nurturing environments that give children time to explore, create and innovate in a supportive and encouraging setting.


STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and maths. STEAM activities enhance each child’s natural disposition as capable and involved learners, fostering their sense of creativity, curiosity and persistence.

Schools have identified the importance of teaching skills, not just content, that equip children for the future. STEAM education allows children to have the opportunity to blend subject areas together so that elements of each subject are applied to others.

Steam helps prepare children for the 21st century, where collaboration, communication, creative thinking and innovation are essential skills for life.

The Nurtured Heart Approach

The Nurtured Heart Approach consists of a set of strategies that assists children in further developing their self-regulation and has been found effective with children of all ages. It focuses on transforming the way children perceive themselves, their caregivers and the world around them. Children learn to understand that they will receive endless amounts of praise, energy, recognition and reward through the positive behaviour they display and this supports children to build a positive portfolio of themselves, which we call “Inner Wealth.” The Nurtured Heart Approach is a relationship-focused methodology for helping children (and adults) build their Inner Wealth and use their intensity in successful ways. It has become a powerful way of awakening the inherent greatness in all children while facilitating parenting and classroom success.

Language & Culture

Language development is a critical part of your child’s overall development. It supports your child’s ability to communicate, express and understand feelings. It also supports thinking and problem-solving, and developing and maintaining relationships. Learning to understand, use and enjoy language is the critical first step in literacy, and the basis for learning to read and write.

My Kindy provides language programs for children from 18 months old to support learning in languages other than English which helps children to improve their overall literacy and understanding of how language in general works.

Education experts have found that there are many benefits to children learning in another language at a young age, including:

  • increased literacy
  • cognitive flexibility
  • bolstering self-esteem and wellbeing
  • strengthened cultural identity.


Practicing sustainability empowers children to construct knowledge, explore values and develop an appreciation of the environment and its relationship to their worlds. This lays the foundations for an environmentally responsible adulthood. Through hands on experiences and relevant curriculum content, children at My Kindy can explore and learn about their local contexts and environmental issues. Children can then develop the creativity and critical thinking skills necessary to make informed decisions for change, improving the quality of their lives, and those of future generations. My Kindy is a participant in the Small Green Steps program which provides information and resources about embedding sustainable practices throughout our services.

Learning Your Child Loves

Growth Essentials

We ensure young learners are given the best opportunity to grow uncovering talent for life and career goals.

Creating Curiosity

By creating a fun learning environment we bring out each child's inner curiosities and inquisitiveness nature.

S.T.E.A.M Curriculum

We provide an active learning environment, where each child’s individuality is respected, valued and fostered.

Inspiring & Nurturing Young Minds.
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